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Welcome to my website!

Olivia Mazyuk

New York, NY 10017

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Thanks for stopping by. I’m a senior-level writer/producer and creative lead by profession, and a creative spirit in essence, with a strong visual eye and a passion for the written word. 

Equal parts creative and strategic, I have extensive experience writing and producing branded, integrated, and 360 campaigns. I've held leadership roles in marketing and promotions - guiding cross-functional teams, optimizing workflows, and supervising all phases of video production. In my dynamic career spanning over 15 years, I've led the creative on integrated marketing campaigns featuring major motion pictures, celebrity chefs, and everything but the kitchen sink. I wrote and produced the launch campaign for Food Network's popular series Chopped; a show that's still going strong 45 seasons later, and counting. Whether it’s content for digital, social, TV, or sales & marketing reels – I approach each project with a sense of pride. Over the past two years, I've thrived as a freelance writer and executive producer, working on the agency side, managing and creating content for clients ranging from tech companies to pet food.

It’s rewarding to run with a project from ideation to final delivery, taking an idea and developing it into something tangible, while discovering creative solutions for roadblocks that come up along the way – whether it’s a pivot in direction based on a client’s last-minute feedback [leading to eleventh-hour script revisions], problem-solving on-set to maximize a tight shoot schedule, finding a way to fix it in post, or coming up with impactful creative approaches for low-budget projects. I've written countless creative marketing and promotional pitches for Ad Sales Marketing teams, representing a wide range of budget options.


With meticulous attention to detail, I absolutely love collaborating with creative and business teams to launch compelling campaigns and content that increase brand engagement and revenue. 

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